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2020 Night of the Stars Awards Program

Honoring Outstanding Local Real Estate Projects and Companies

    About the Process

    NAIOP Washington State Chapter’s Night of the Stars Awards Program is an annual gala dedicated to recognizing exceptional individuals and companies in our industry and the projects in which our members are involved. The goal is to identify outstanding real estate developments and activities in a variety of market types and the individuals who conceived of, took risks, sponsored, supported and made the projects happen. We encourage anyone on the extended project team to nominate projects, developers and deals, and to engage the owner or sponsor and other team members in the process. The Night of the Stars Committee seeks to provide recognition for members of the entire project team and include them all in the annual celebration of the industry. 

    The Night of the Stars Awards Program is a two-step nomination process. From June 1 to July 27, NAIOPWA solicits project and firm nominations online. On August 12, finalists will be notified and receive their presentation date, time(s) and additional details. All finalists have the opportunity to make a presentation to a panel of judges on the mornings of September 10 and 11. Presentations for each project/category will be limited to approximately 5 minutes. Due to COVID-19, we will provide the location by Aug. 12, 2020 when finalists are notified. 

    Secure Your Table

    Night of the Stars tables can be purchased online now!  Tables of 10 are available for $3,000.  Companies are limited to one table purchase per company; Night of the Stars sponsors can purchase more than one table.  Oct. 16, 2020 is the last day for refunds less a $100 processing fee.  All table purchases will be fully refunded if we are unable to host the Gala on Nov. 6, 2020 due to COVID-19.

    Table assignments are based on:

    • Night of the Stars sponsorship level
    • Organizational sponsorship level
    • NAIOP membership
    • Date of purchase

    2020 Award Categories

    • Affordable Housing Development of the Year
    • Community Impact of the Year       
    • Deal of the Year
    • Developer of the Year    
    • High Rise Residential of the Year  
    • Historic Renovation of the Year 
    • Hospitality Development of the Year    
    • Industrial Development of the Year       
    • Multi-Family Residential Development of the Year: Fewer than 100 Units
    • Multi-Family Residential Suburban Development of the Year: More than 100 Units
    • Multi-Family Residential Urban Development of the Year: More than 100 Units    
    • Office Development of the Year    
    • Office Interiors of the Year    
    • Redevelopment/Renovation of the Year    
    • Retail Development of the Year    
    • Sustainable Development of the Year

    Nomination Requirements

    Do you have a great project or company to nominate? Make sure they:

    • Completed project(s) between July 1, 2019 and August 1, 2020. Temporary Certificate of Occupancy or Substantial Completion must be achieved prior to 8/1/20. 
    • Are private-sector project(s). Only nominations for the Affordable Housing Development of the Year may have public funding.  Nominations for all other categories are ineligible if developed with public funding or sponsored by public entities.
    • Have at least one NAIOP Washington State member on the team. We have more than 1,000 members and are the fourth-largest chapter nationwide. Click here to see a listing of NAIOP Washington State member companies.
    • Nominate the project only in one (1) award category. There is no limit on the number of nominations from an individual; however, a project can only be nominated in one category. A nominated project also can be listed in the Developer of the Year nomination for a firm.

    Each category will be judged based on the criteria set forth on this website. Please note, NAIOP Washington State reserves the right to re-assign nominations, and add, amend, or drop categories based on nominations received. Contact info@naiopwa.org with questions or to discuss a project category other than those listed above.  

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